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A wise man that worked for the census bureau for over 30 years once said "there are three kinds of lies - lies, damn lies and statistics". The phrase often comes to mind when people ask us about recruiting statistics and when we read articles like this that are full of statistics and trends. Consider the source. Statistics and reports can be interpreted any way you want to put them in your favor but raw numbers don't lie.  How do you use statistics and reporting in your organization?  Are your metrics useful tools or big hammers to beat your recruiters with?

You are what you measure.  Every metric, whether it is used explicitly to influence behavior, to evaluate future strategies, or simply to take stock, will affect actions and decisions. The most important thing to think about is what you will be using a report or statistic for. A word of caution. When you start new reporting on things you have never looked at before, the first thing you will notice is how effectively your database is (or isn't) being used by your staff. 

A second word of caution.  However well intentioned, management by numbers un-intuitively leads to problematic behavior and can ultimately detract from your broader business goals if inappropriately used. You need to look at your tracking periods to ensure they are appropriate, consider trends over absolute numbers and, most importantly, be willing to change metrics when they stop driving change. If you make metrics more important than your core business model, your employees will work for the numbers, not for the business. It's kind of like teaching kids to take the standardized test versus teaching them to think on their own.

There are two categories that you can think of when deciding to do any reporting. Efficiency and effectiveness. Efficiency gives you the measurement of how well your staff is doing with things like sourcing quantity/time, time from receiving a job to resume submissions, interviews and eventually time to fill etc. Effectiveness is somewhat more esoteric but includes things like recruits per source, cost per hire, productivity, retention, etc.

Most of the time if you are just looking for raw numbers, your "report" can be a simple query on the tab where you want to find the data. With Gopher's 'all query engine' - the ability to search any field on any tab quickly and easily - you can effortlessly do things like search for all placements within a given time frame, all new records put in by recruiter and a million other numbers. Need help with searching?  Click here for search tips. For everything else, there are lots of reporting functions built into Gopher.


Using Gopher's Reporting Features

Gopher provides many options for both built in and custom reports. We use three different reporting mechanisms - Crystal, Excel and MS Access - to give you the widest array of report choices.  Keep in mind that your ability to run reports in Gopher may be curtailed by your local administrator. 

  From any tab, to create a Crystal report from the current onscreen results, click the report button from the top toolbar (between the Word icon and the double magnifying glass icon). 

  When you are working in any list, from the top menu choose reports and then the report for the list you are on to get a Crystal Report of that list.

  To create a Crystal report from the notepad section of Gopher, RIGHT click on the report button from the top toolbar.

  From the top toolbar click on Reports then choose Advanced for examples of other Crystal based reports.

  From the top toolbar click on Reports then choose Basic for examples of reports that can be output to Excel directly from Gopher.

  From the top toolbar click on Reports then choose Wizard for examples of MS Access based reports. (Note you must have MS Access installed on your machine for this function to work) 

  Check out the Reports Library online by clicking Reports from the top toolbar and then choosing Reports Library.  This is merely a small example of the kinds of robust reporting that can be done from Gopher.

  Still don't see what you want?  Custom reports can be created for a low cost to help you get the detail you need from Gopher.  Contact your Gopher Support Team for details.

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