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Use your Smart Phones to Access Gopher

Got an Android, Blackberry or iPhone? Want to use it to make more placements?  Connect it to Gopher!

I know teenagers and young adults find these devices useful for their very busy social cyberspace lives but they don't seem to be able to help pay the mortgage with them.

If you don't own one yet, here is the excuse you need to confiscate your kid's smart phone and let them know they will get it back when they get a job.  (Heck you might even stop them from getting fired the first day on the job for using company time to keep up with their extremly important social events like "I am going to McDonalds now will let you know what I eat later".)

Here is a practical example.  You get a call from a good client who needs to hire a hard to find professional.  He calls you from California at 4pm his time, 7pm your Boston time. You are in a restaurant. You can log on to your Gopher from your smart phone, find and email resumes to the client before your drinks come or your wife, girlfriend, husband or boyfriend leaves you in disgust. Heck you may even impress them and the public that you're actually using your phone for something useful.

With the advent of cell phones and tablet devices that act like computers (but really aren’t), we often get asked if we have a Gopher App that recruiters can use to get to their Gopher database.  Because Gopher is not web based (and this is a GOOD thing – if the credit card processors can get hacked for information, just imagine how easy it is to get to your recruiting data if it was stored in an ‘online’ database!) and most smart devices don't have nearly enough room to store all of your Gopher data, we currently don’t have an app.  BUT we do have ways that you can get to Gopher remotely from almost any handheld or tablet device.

If you are using Gopher via a Gopher hosted desktop or your company uses terminal services to give you remote access to your data, the first remote connection option is an RDP app.  The one we use that works well is called PocketCloud.  There is a free version or a paid version – we find the free version works just fine.  When you configure the application with the Username, Password and Server you log into, you can connect up to your hosted desktop or terminal server session and run all of the programs as if you were sitting in front of the machine!  Granted, things may be small but the full access lets you get to everything on your desktop – Gopher, Outlook, Excel, Word, etc.

If you are using Gopher in a local area network and don’t have a remote desktop, you can use any of the widely available desktop control apps.  The one we like is called Phone My PC.  With Phone My PC, you do a quick download on your local machine and also on your handheld device.  From wherever you are, you can launch the app from your smart device and see everything running on your local machine.  You can control and run all of your programs like Gopher, Outlook, Excel, Word, etc.  Your local machine does have to be on in order for this app to work but it is accessed by your device via a secured connection and can be priceless when you need to get to your machine from a remote location to close that deal!

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