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Recently we read an article with predictions for the recruiting industry. In this particular article, the writer predicts the death of the applicant tracking system because it lacks engagement. Forgive us if we're wrong, but we were always under the impression that it's the recruiter that engages with an applicant, not a piece of software? We often read articles like this which berate all applicant tracking systems because they don't actually do the recruiting for you.  Imagine that.

The pundit goes on to say something that we wholeheartedly believe in: "the result will be a candidate experience that leaves a positive impression of your brand whether the candidate is hired or not." Again he relates it to the ATS being used but this is wholly, 100% in the hands of the individual recruiter and their customer service skills. Any ATS is merely a tool used by a recruiter to make this happen. 

Like most tools, using Gopher to your advantage can make your job easier. In our last newsletter we talked about how your email marketing process needs triggers but so does your customer relationship management that's not email based.   To help accomplish this, each recruiter, each sales person and each level of management needs to see their own views of the very same Gopher database. So we do it with two tools.

The first tool is an 'all query engine' - the ability of anyone from administrative assistant to president to query on any piece of information they want quickly and easily. But recruiters also need the ability for each person to have views of the database that are specific to their responsibilities and interests so that they can use these for their customer relationship follow-up. For example one recruiter may be specialized distribution managers and another may specialize in cost accountants.

Our second set of tools answers this recruitment need - lists that are personal to each Gopher user. A recruiter can query for anything and then save that as a Hot List or a Bookmark List. Either list can be retrieved with a click. Each recruiter, recruiting manager or staffing assistant can have their own lists and view of the Gopher database. Bookmark Lists are static but Hot Lists are not just lists for viewing. Hot lists are dynamic tools, changing with each change to the database.  Both types of lists can be used for emailing, sending resumes or making that all important follow-up call to clients and candidates to give them that great customer service experience you provide.


Using Gopher's Hot Lists and Bookmark Lists

Gopher provides many lists for your day to day use.  Two of the lists that are personal to the individual user are the Hot Lists and the Bookmark Lists.  Here are some highlights.

  Hot Lists are individual saved searches that you can retrieve any time with two clicks.

  When you open a Hot List, you get the current results from the database, not just a static list.

  Hot Lists can be created from any tab and any search.  They are great for things like your current open jobs, your current active candidates or any search you want to save and re-run quickly and easily. 

  From a Hot List you can email, put people on your planner for follow-up, add people to target lists or add people to Bookmark lists.  For more details on using Hot Lists, you can review this newsletter or click on Help from your top Gopher toolbar.

  Bookmark Lists are individual saved lists that are static so you can add or remove people quickly.

  Bookmark Lists can be created from any other list in Gopher or by simply dragging and dropping names to the list from any tab. 

  Notice that the last Bookmark List you were on shows up at the bottom of your Gopher screen.  That's a hot link you can use to open that list with one click.

  For more information on using Bookmark Lists, click here or you can use Help from inside of Gopher

See next month's issue for "Reporting in Gopher"

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