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You see all of the little icons on almost every webpage you visit asking you to like, share, tweet, digg, buzz, stumble, tag, yelp, rate, rank or pin. If you're designing a social media campaign, how do you know where to start? With well over 200 social media sites online the obvious answer of LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter doesn't seem so obvious anymore.

We talk about Social Media Marketing (SMM) all the time here and the decision by Google to separate YouTube back out of its Google+ accounts prompted a recent conversation where we were trying to figure out what the next big social media thing was going to be and where some social media went wrong (MySpace?). The biggest revelation of the conversation was that millennials flock to what is easy and fast and they don't tolerate lots of browsing to get to what they're looking for. Think about how many clicks you get before they get bored and move on. Sites like Instagram are popular because they do one thing well and nothing else. Recruiters need to take the hint.

Go where your Candidates and Clients go.  For recruiters, the ever shifting social media landscape is even harder because you're trying to find people who may or may not want to be found. If you are focused on one type of industry, you might be surprised to find that industry specific social media sites exist and are growing in popularity.  In accounting?  Check out  Do you recruit lawyers?  Check out  In Oil and Gas?  Check out  With the great diversity of social networking sites, you're bound to find one specific to your market where you can focus your social media efforts on a target rich environment.

First, do one thing and do it well. Social media takes time and there's no getting around that. It has produced a whole new category of marketing positions in both small and large companies. If you're planning a social media campaign, start by having a clear idea of what you want to accomplish and then pick one social media outlet where you can best accomplish that. The old adage that "if you chase two rabbits you will probably catch none" applies here.  Remember people have a limited attention span and don't tolerate stagnation, so if you want to get and keep a campaign going it must be updated and fresh on a frequent basis.

If you diversify, make sure your message is the same. Got the campaign down pat on one platform and now you want to diversify to other feeds? Take advantage of social media management tools or aggregators to make sure your content goes out the same to every site at the same time. Tools like Hootsuite, RebelMouse or Flipboard can make your social media campaign much easier to manage and you get consistent messaging across the board.

Above all, listen and respond. It is the death of your social media standings to have people respond to your campaign only to be met with silence. You're only one tweet away from success or disaster.

How Gopher Helps Your Social Media Campaign

Here are some ways that Gopher can help you with your Social Media Campaign. If you have questions on these or any other Gopher functions, please contact your Gopher Support Team.

  Gopher integrates with HootSuite to be able to post jobs directly from within Gopher to all of your social media sites.

  The Gopher Browser allows you to link any web based material to any Gopher profile.  Easily and quickly link all of your social media feedback directly to that person's profile in Gopher for fast reference.

  One click from anywhere in Gopher will open the Gopher browser to search for the person you are on in Gopher out on LinkedIn.  Once you find them it's a single click to link that LInkedIn profile to the person in Gopher.

  Do you post your jobs to your website, CareerBuilder, GlassDoor or Monster?  Gopher can integrate with all of those sites to streamline your job posting process.

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