Hosting for recruiters

What is hosting?  Hosting by BlackDog is using your computer and internet connection to access computer services that run on remote servers.  On the surface, hosting appears much like any other program accessed by using your web browser, but it is much more robust and much more secure than using just a web-based application.

We recognize that recruiters don't operate in the vacuum of their recruiting software.  You may have a web based application you can get to from anywhere, but if you don't have your Outlook, Word and Excel data, how useful is remote access to your recruiting system?  Because you need complete access,  Blackdog's hosting services go far beyond just another recruiting system with remote access.  A hosted account can operate and run all your computer needs from document creation to emailing to QuickBooks. Your local computer only needs an internet connection.  Because nothing runs from your machine, you eliminate your  worries about viruses, system crashes and having to do backups.

If you need a secure and affordable method to access your computer applications and database from anywhere at anytime, you need a BlackDog hosted solution. No matter how big or small your organization is, our fully supported hosting solutions provide you with these benefits:

• 24/7 support
• Zero based application down time tolerance
• Global secure access to your database and applications
• An enterprise level solution at an affordable price
• Eliminate in-house servers and costly IT salaries
• Eliminate virus attacks and data hacking
• Microsoft Office licensing included

Running all Applications 

 If you want flexibility, scalability, security and complete access to all  of your mission critical data, no matter where you are,

Gopher's Hosting Service is the solution for you!