Basic Recruiting Tip - Quick Reference Guide

1) Good Solicitation

  • Go straight to the hiring authority.
  • Get hiring authority's attention.
  • Determine if a need exists.
  • Determine what that need is - Get information!
  • Provide client company with confidence in your ability to fill its needs.
  • The company close begins now.

2) Applicant Control
Control begins the minute you pick up the phone. The way you speak with the applicant is important. Gather information!!! Store it in Gopher and take advantage of Gophers immediate recall abilities to build lasting relationships. Let the applicant feel that you understand his/her personal situation. Match the information that you've gathered with your knowledge of the market and tell them what their marketability is and how you can help him/her reach his/her goals. Provide applicant with confidence in your ability to fill his/her needs - make them feel that one of her/his needs is your assistance. The applicant close begins now. Prepare the applicant for the interview. Be enthusiastic! Provide information on the company and the job. Know your product: the company. Match this information with his/her individual skills, desires, etc., and let him/her see the match. Prepare the applicant to accept the job (if you haven't caught on by now - this is a close).

3) Effective Interviews
Prepare the company for the interview. Be enthusiastic! Match the company's needs with your applicant's qualifications. Know your product: the applicant. Show the company how the applicant fits; let them see the match (skills, potential, etc.). Close the company on an interview time and the necessity to move quickly. Utilize a sense of urgency! You got it - the close begins now.