Basic Recruiting Tip - Job Order Check List
1. Are the job title, citizenship, salary, required skills, optional skills and location correct? Complete job orders ensure proper matching by executive search recruiters and by the recruiting software, staffing or applicant tracking resume database.

2. Have you determined the extent of your control (trust)? Do you know the interview process; intangibles, % of commission, reason for opening, what the company does, how long they have been looking, what they would hire on with few questions asked, and all the key words?

3. Have you notified all recruiters of the new job order?

4. Have all key words been gleaned from the job order and a search made with your recruiting software database all active and available applicants?

5. Have you notified other recruiters who own matching active and available applicants, including yourself, to make presentations on this job order?

6. Are you checking that all presentations are being made in a timely manner to the matching applicants? Most importantly, are all matching active and available applicants being presented to the client for scheduling interviews? Your staffing software should be telling you this without much effort on your part.

7. If your applicant tracking software has automated matching, are matches being reviewed on a daily basis?

8. Does the job order warrant a search? Do you have a good controlled job order and have all the active and available applicants been searched, called and presented?

9. If the job order warranted a search first, has it been completed? If yes, does the job order warrant further work, for example, a search for referrals, directories, membership lists, newsletters, ads, etc.?

10. If steps 1 through 9 have been completed, you're finished! Go find another job order to work!