Basic Recruiting Tip - Applicant Debriefing

An applicant should call the recruiter with the interview results as soon as she/he can get to a phone where they can talk in private. She/he has to trust that this is in her/his best interest. The objective of the debriefing is to prepare for the call to the client and to continue the closing process which was started in the initial contact with the applicant. A small plug for our software recruiting, staffing or executive search database is in order here. The nature of recruitment is such that incoming calls from applicants or clients cannot be predicted and almost always have to be taken. A good applicant tracking or resume database should allow the switching from a search project to handling the immediate incoming call in a way natural to the recruiter's workflow. Closing issues which should have been addressed before the interview.
1. The kind of job he/she wants, the type of company, the work environment, the type of people he/she wants to work with, type of supervision he/she is looking for.
2. Location - they are prepared to take a job in this location and they are planning to commute or relocate. If relocation is in the plan, then relocation dollars have been addressed and you know whether or not this is a prerequisite to accepting the job. If it is, what are the dollars involved?
3. Salary
4. Start date
5. Counter offers, is he/she prepared to turn down a counter offer from his/her present employer.
6. How the spouse feels about the career change and what he or she wants from it. When the applicant calls, he or she should be asked to 'describe the interview in detail'.

  • 'What questions were asked?'
  • 'What were your answers to the questions?'
  • 'How do you feel about the job?'
  • 'Do you want the job?'
  • 'What are the names, with correct spelling, of everyone you talked with?'
  • 'What is the starting offer, the start date, title and position?' Do you have authority to accept on their behalf?
  • 'What do you have the authority to turn down?'
  • 'What was your impression of the client's interest?'
  • 'What might the client see as drawbacks?'
  • 'What can you bring to this job?'
  • 'How did the client leave it?'
  • 'Did you fill out an application?'
  • 'Did you provide references?'
  • 'What references did you provide?'
  • 'Was salary discussed; if so, what did you say about salary?'