Basic Recruiting Tip - Applicant Checklist
1. Are the job title, citizenship, salary and skills correct to allow proper matching and applicant tracking to ensure that a recruiter will find this person when searching the recruitment software's resume or staffing database for these attributes?

2. If you are using Gopher executive search software, have you given a Gopher calendar entry to all the recruiters on this new person?  If you are not using Gopher software, have you notified the other recruiters of this new person?

3. Has the applicant been pre-closed on salary, location and job attributes?

4. Has the applicant been schooled on how to dress and does the applicant know how to interview?

5. Have you determined the extent of applicant control (trust)?  Do you know where this applicant has interviewed, where his/her resume has been sent, what other staffing or executive search firm has his/her resume?  Does this applicant know why he/she should talk to you before sending resume anywhere?

6. Have all the key words been gleaned from the applicant's resume and a search performed on job order records using these key words?  Have you given a Gopher calendar note to the recruiters owning the job orders who 'come up' on your searches to make presentations?

7. Are you checking that all presentations are being made in a timely manner by other recruiters?

8. Are the matches being reviewed on a daily basis?

9. If the applicant is hot, has a search list been prepared and completed?

10. If steps I thru 9 have been completed thoroughly and accurately, you have probably made a placement.  If you haven't, don't despair!  Move on to the next applicant and place him/her!