Basic Recruiting Tip - Applicant Call Preparation

The applicant call we are talking about here is to someone who you do not know is looking or interested in a new job or someone you already have in your staffing or resume database and know is looking for new opportunities but not necessarily this one. Preparation for the call involves studying the position, preparing a script, preparing for objections and identifying people to call. All this preparation material should be well organized in your recruiting, tracking software or executive search database.

1. Study the position: In most cases you should have a job order describing a position. You should also review the client company literature or marketing material for a description of what the company does and how it is doing. You should know what the person will be doing and not just what the requirements for the job are. You should know why the position is open and what the career path would be and, of course, the salary and skill requirements.

2. Prepare a script: From the above study you should prepare a two or three sentence description.

Some words that help sell companies to applicants are:

A good place to work.
The people are down to earth.
The company is growing.
Top of the line benefits.
They are a very people-oriented company.
A management position or it leads to one.
No one gets pigeonholed.
They go out of their way to show recognition.
They pay more then their competition.
The firm has a great reputation.
The company makes a fine product.
The firm is aggressive.
The firm is dynamic.
Their benefit package is comprehensive.
They are research-oriented and technically competent.
They have a genuine need for a ....
They are anxious to find the right person.
The company is stable.

3. Prepare for objections: