Lesson Two - Finding Note Pad Records    
  1. One major task of recruiting involves taking and reviewing notes from phone conversations. Our first exercise will be to review all the notes of one recruiter. The Note Pad is consistent with all the tabs and will always display on the bottom of the screen. If a particular applicant/client is selected on any of the tabs the notes will display for that person and will stay with that person as you go from tab to tab. The name (first, middle and last) will not appear unless you are in the Query state because the name already appears on the particular tab you are viewing and would be redundant.

    1. Click on any one of the tabs.
    2. RIGHT click the Find button,  , at the top of the screen (the right click automatically identifies with the Note Pad as a left click does with the other tabs).
    3. Click in the Owner box. The Owner field is the user ID of the person writing the note.
    4. Type JIM in the Owner box. This tells Gopher you want a list of all notes made by the recruiter whose User Identification is JIM.
    5. Click the Do It button,  . This brings up all the notes made by JIM, now we have a query list that we can move through. To move to other records by JIM; click on the scroll bar until you come to the Florence Nightingale record.
    6. Select the Florence Nightingale record by clicking in any box on the record or by clicking in the  column of that record.
    7. Drag the Florence Nightingale record to the Profile tab and drop it. Observe that the Profile record for Florence Nightingale comes up and the Note Pad no longer contains the notes from the query but now contains the notes for the Florence Nightingale record only. The Note Pad will always display the notes for the record selected, if a record is selected on one of the tabs.

Congratulations! You have completed lesson two.

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