Lesson Seven - Finding Tracking Records    
  1. Click the Tracking tab tracking tab to select and display Tracking records. Tracking records track work in progress. Work in progress officially begins in Gopher when a resume has been sent to a client for an open position. At this point, Gopher becomes more interactive with the recruiter and the tab can display an almost infinite variety of information critical to the management of placement business. This information is divided into three sections (Resume, Interview, Start) in order to better highlight the status of the applicant and the position.

    1. Select the Tracking tab and put it into the Query state

    2. Move the cursor to the Interview Date box.

    3. Type in >1/1/2000 using the right-pointing caret symbol.

    4. Click the Do It button

    The query list selected will show all interviews from the year 2000 on. We could have just as easily queried to show:

    •  The number of interviews on any given day, month or year.
    •  The number of resumes sent out for an applicant.
    •  The number of interviews an applicant has had.
    •  Commissions outstanding.
    •  Open or pending interviews and resumes.

    And so on� We will now refine our original query to show all the interviews in 2000 or beyond that resulted in a commission being paid (placement).

    1. Do steps 1 to 3 above

    2. Move the cursor to the Commission box.

    3. Type greater than zero (>0) in the box.

    4. Click the Do It button .

    Notice how the number of records have been reduced on the query list.


Congratulations! You have completed lesson seven.

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