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Below is a summary of published articles by BlackDog

Recruiting on the Internet and the future of recruiting software

Recruiting has changed significantly in the last 25 years. The primary vehicle of change has been the Internet.  [...]

How Important is Recruiting Software in Determining the Success of an Executive Search or Staffing Firm?

Not very! You might find that answer surprising, considering I am the president of a recruiting software company.  [...]

Recruiting - which is better - tools to find or tools to cultivate quality candidates and clients?
That is the same kind of question like which came first, the chicken or the egg? There are great arguments for each side, but in all reality you need both to be successful in todays recruiting world[...]


BlackDog Recruiting Software Announces Collaborative Partnership with Bill Radin
BlackDog Recruiting Software, the makers of Gopher for Recruiters, and Bill Radin, one of the premier trainers and authors in the recruiting industry, announced a new partnership today[...]



Why so many recruiting software packages?
I really dont know. I am not an official tracker of software so I am unsure if the recruiting industry is an anomaly or if this is a trend for software in general[...]


Applicant Tracking SoftwareUnderpants Bomber3 Obama Party crashersFollow the dots

Our fanaticism for security is fragmented between agencies that dont talk to each other and systems that arent compatible. The US has no single system for tracking applicants for Visas or tracking any form of applicant[...]


Recruiters dont exist in a vacuum, why should their software?

Weve all seen it - that great recruiting application that has all of the bells and whistles. Just one small problem it doesnt function like real recruiters do[...]


Recruiting software - Emailing Do's and Don'ts

In a previous article I gave some pointers on how effectively to use emailing as a recruiting tool [...]

Recruiting software - Rolling Your Own

Oh no! This is the worst decision a recruiting firm (Contingency or Retained) can make [...]

Recruiting software - Effective use of Email

Recruiters cannot be competitive without a good email system. Outlook is a good email system but forget it if you think it is good enough for you to compete as a recruiter for candidates and job orders [...]

Recruiting software - Support

I think recruiting software deserves a little more attention to support and the help than most software. [...]

Recruiting software - Is it different?

Of course it is! All software is different. But what are the unique characteristics of recruiting software  [...]

Recruiting software - Ten worst ways of using

I talk to a lot of recruiters and recruiting firm owners Monday through Friday.  I have been on this schedule for almost 20 years now. [...]

Recruiting software, American import or American export?

Corporate America has given us life and has given us death. The global economic structure is evolving at a fantastic pace.[...]

Recruiting web sites: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Most recruiting firms do not have a clue as to what to do with their web site. What I most often see is their extreme attention to its appearance. [...]

Recruiting software for greenhorns

I believe many recruitment systems being developed today make two important incorrect assumptions. [...]

Managing the Recruiting Process

Recruiters have a tough job, managing them is even tougher!  I see it as two problems:  How do you identify the process to manage? [...]

Recruiting Software Auto Matching

Before we can begin to discuss recruiting software auto-matching, I think it best to define two types of contingency recruitment. [...]

Recruiting Software VS MS OUTLOOK

We have started to upgrade our interface to MS OUTLOOK in our recruiting software. OUTLOOK is has a tremendous usage  [...]

  Copyright 2009, BlackDog Recruiting Software Inc.


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