Word 2003

1.  Close Outlook and Word completely.

2.  Open Word.

3.  In the top toolbar click on Tools, click on Macro and arrow to the right and choose Security.

4.  Set the Macro Security Level to Low and click OK.

5.  In the top toolbar, click on Tools, click on Options and click on the File Locations tab.

6.  Under File Types: click on User Templates and then click the Modify button.

7.  Browse to the C:\Program files\Go4…\Word Templates file and click OK.

8.  Verify that the location for User Templates is now C:\Program files\Go4...\Word Templates.

9.  Repeat this procedure for the Workgroup Templates File Types.

10. Click OK out of options and close MS Word.

11. Open MS Word and you should now see a toolbar at the bottom of Word that starts with CustomHeaderFooter.

12. Your Gopher Word integration is now complete.  For information on how to use this toolbar, refer to the Office Integration section of this manual.