What is a Snap Shot?

The purpose of the snap shot is to give the recruiter a place to record, and then subsequently view when needed, a brief script background or any other information useful when dealing with this person or company or when trying to present this person’s or company’s services to another.  The information contained on the snap shot would not be as readily available and not as useful if put in the Note Pad or the Memo tab.

EyesOpen When a Profile, Resume, Memo, Position or Tracking record is selected and the tab is not in  command mode, a pair of eyes will appear when the mouse is positioned over the Last Name or the Company Name.  When the pair of eyes is visible you may double click in the selected field with the LEFT mouse button in order to view a snap shot of the person or company. 


Changes to information in the Snap Shots are NOT automatically saved.  Whether in the Person or the Company Snap Shot, after changes are made, in the toolbar go to Exit and choose Exit and Save to close the Snap Shot and save your changes or Exit Without Saving to close the Snap Shot and discard your changes.