Web Services

If you are using the Gopher sub-web pages, you will be given the Web Services information by a BlackDog Recruiting Software representative.  The sub-web enables you to export applicants and/or positions from your Gopher database to your website, as well as import applicant information and client positions submitted on your website straight into Gopher.  If you are interested in the sub-web, please contact your Gopher Support Staff.


Remote Host:  The Gopher web server site hosting the web pages for posting and retrieving web submissions.  The Remote Host address will be provided by a BlackDog representative.


User Name:  The User Name will be provided by a BlackDog representative. 


Remote Folder:  The Remote Folder will be provided by a BlackDog representative.  The folder name is unique to the Gopher license and separates the customer’s position and resume postings from other Gopher customers.

Note:  Gopher should be closed when making changes in Gopher Options.