Viewing Outlook Emails from Gopher

Once Gopher has been synced to your Outlook, you have the ability to view emails for a name selected on any of the six tabs in Gopher by clicking Outlook on the Gopher menu bar and selecting Outlook Email Items and Show for ….   Gopher will compare the email address found on that person’s profile with the synced emails and display the results.  You will see all of the emails found in the synced folders for that person.  For example, if you only synced your Inbox to Gopher, only those email items that you have received from that individual and resided in your Outlook Inbox when the synch process was run will display.




The screen shot pictured here shows a sample listing of emails for Steffen Cox.  Several functions can be performed from this listing, including:  view the narrative of any of the emails listed, open attachments, delete emails, and publish the emails to Gopher.


Note:  If you are using Gopher in a multi-user environment, the only emails that appear in the “Show Emails for“ listing are those emails found in your Outlook when the syncing process was initiated.  You will not see emails that have been sent to or received from another recruiter at your company.  For this reason, all emails that should be viewable by everyone at your company must be published to Gopher.