%?%Using Gopher Email

If Gopher Email is the email selection set in Gopher Options, clicking one of the Email menu options will produce the Email dialog box shown below.


Unlike using Gopher with Outlook, clicking the Send button will immediately attempt to send the email.  For this reason, the connection to the ISP (Internet Service Provider) should already be activated. If it is not activated an error will be generated.  The Send button will not be enabled until all the boxes except ‘Attached’ and ‘Message Body’ contain information. 

The ‘From’ box will automatically appear with the email address of the user log-on ID. 

The ‘To’ box will automatically appear with the e-mail address of the current record on the Profile tab, or the email address of the client on the Position tab if you are submitting a resume.  If the current record does not have an email address saved on the Profile tab, the email address must be typed in the ‘To’ box. 

The ‘Subject’ box will automatically appear with information depending upon the email option selected.  For example, if the option to ‘Email Resume to _______’ is selected the ‘Subject’ box will contain the name of the person whose resume is being emailed. 

The ‘Email Server Name’ box should contain the name provided by your e-mail service provider.  If the name is unknown, the email service provider may need to be contacted to supply the name.  The name is often available by clicking the Mail icon in the Control Panel. 

Note:  Once the Email Server Name is provided once, the next time Gopher Email is used, the Server Name will automatically appear.