User Defined Fields

The Profile tab contains several fields that can be re-defined by the user. 

The user defined fields for both Applicants and Clients are as follows:  Relocate, Citizen, Split, 1st code box, 2nd code box and 3rd code box. 

Additionally, the user defined fields for Applicants are: ‘S/R Date’, ‘Other Compensation’, ‘Source’, ‘Box 0’, ‘Box 1’, ‘Box 2’,  ‘Desired Location’, ‘Desired Position’, ‘Desired Salary/Rate’, ‘Degree Yr’ and ‘Exp From’. 

Additionally, the user defined fields for Clients are:  ‘Revenue Date’, ‘Other Company Information’, ‘Source’, ‘Box 0’, ‘Box 1’ and ‘Box 2’.

The captions of these fields can be modified on the Captions tab in Gopher Options. 

Note:  The caption of the field may be modified, but the type of field cannot. For example, if the field type is currently date, it must remain a date field.