Turning the Call

When a salesperson (recruiter) makes a call and gets an objection to the initial proposal, there are good ways and bad ways to handle what happens next.  Good ways fall into the following:

Factual Denial (Misinformation).  Headhunters can't help me. “You're right.  What you may not know is....”

Rephrase a question and answer it.  “I see, so what you're asking is....”

Yes, but (and).  “Yes, headhunters are a problem and....”

Yes and (get to thicker ice).  “Yes, headhunters are very expensive and we have to produce; otherwise no one would use us....”

Compliment and move on.  You're all alike.  “You're absolutely right; I can see you know about the recruiting business.  You probably know the break-even point where it is justifiable to use headhunters.”

Lower the commitment.  “I can understand your reluctance to use too many agencies.”

Panic Button.  “I understand (restate objection).... and at the same time present benefits.

Feel, Felt, Find.   “I understand how you feel; many have felt the way you do; what they find is....”

Note:  You will find all these basic techniques used in examples through the remainder of this Chapter.