Transferring Names from a Target List to a Bookmark List

The Bookmark List is a new type of list in Gopher 2009.  For more information pertaining to the bookmark list, refer to Bookmark List on page 31.


To transfer names from a target list to a bookmark list, refer to the following steps:

1)  If the target list containing the names you would like to transfer is not already open, open it. 

2)  If the bookmark list name that you would like to transfer the names to appears in your Gopher status bar (on the bottom of the Gopher screen), proceed to step 3.  If the bookmark list name is not found on the Gopher status bar, open Bookmarks by clicking Hot Lists on the Gopher menu bar and clicking Bookmarks.  Highlight the bookmark list name to transfer the names to.   

3)  Select the names on the target list that you would like to add to the bookmark list.  To select all names on the target list, click Edit on the target list menu bar and click Select All.  To select some names but not all, press the Ctrl key while clicking in the box in the first column of each row containing a name you wish to transfer.  A selected row will be highlighted in white.

4)  On the open target list, click Add on the target list menu bar and select the last option Add selections to (Bookmark name) bookmark.  The selected names will be added to the named bookmark list, provided the name was not already found on the list.