Transfer Candidates from one Target List to Another

To transfer candidates from one target list to another target list, refer to the following steps:

1)  Open the target list that contains the candidates you would like to transfer.

2)  Find the position on the Position tab that you would like to transfer the candidates to.

3)  Select the names on the target list you would like to transfer to the position found in step 2.  To select all names on the target list, click Edit on the target list menu bar and click Select All.  To select some names but not all, press the Ctrl key while clicking in the box in the first column of each row containing a name you wish to transfer.  

4)  On the open target list, click Add on the target list menu bar and select the option “Add selections to targets of (Position title), (Position #).  The selected names will then be transferred to the target list of the position selected.  If any of the candidates that were selected to be transferred were already found on the target list transferred to, they will not be transferred again and any stages that were checked will remain checked.  Only the names of the selected candidates will be transferred.  No stages will be checked on the new target list for the transferred candidates.