The ‘Single Entry’ Planner addition method 

For demonstration purposes, let’s say you just queried the Profile records for a certain type of applicant meeting the requirements of a hot new position.  You do not want to start calling right away but rather plan your activity by logging them on your Gopher day timer or on the day timer of another recruiter who should make the call because they own the record.  To make entries on the day timer:

1. When you are on a record of a person you think should be called just RIGHT click the Planner tab.

2. The Planner automatically goes into Add mode with the name of the person you were on as long as no prior Planner entries for this person exists.  If Planner entries do exist for this person then the entries are displayed for possible changes.  If you do not want to change any records, click Add.  All you have to do is click in the ‘Desc’ column to pick the form of activity you to perform; in this case it would be a Call.  If you want to put the activity on someone else’s day timer, click in the For column and select that person.

3. Click the Do It button to process the addition of the activity to the Planner.  You are done and back to your original query list.