The ‘Multiple Entry’ Planner addition method 

The Multiple Entry method allows you to add planner items for multiple people simultaneously from any of the list views in Gopher. To transfer names from a list to your Gopher Planner, refer to the following steps:

1.  If the list is not already open, open it.  This can either be a Bookmark List, a Target List, a Hot List or a Matching list.  

2.  Select the date on your Planner’s calendar to add the names to. 

3.  Select the names on the list that you would like to add to your Planner on the date selected in step 2.  To select all names on the list, click Options on the menu bar and click Select all.  To select some names but not all, press the Ctrl key while clicking in the box in the first column of each row containing a name you wish to transfer.  When a row is selected, the row will be highlighted in white.  

4.  Click Add on the menu bar and select the option Add selections to Planner.  A pop-up will appear asking for the comment to add to the planner actions.  Type the comment, or leave blank, and click OK.  The selected names will be added to your planner as calls to be made on the date selected.