The Client

A client is defined as anyone who is willing to pay a fee for hiring an applicant referred to them by you. For the most part, these clients will be Fortune 1000 companies, simply because they have the monetary resources to pay fees.

One of the hardest things for a recruiter is to maintain a sense of worth! The recruiter makes 20-40 calls a day and probably gets 10 rejections and quickly realizes that these clients are being called all the time by many, many recruiters.  The result being that it's very difficult for the client to trust that you, as a recruiter, can contribute value to his position!

The fact that you can, and do, should always be the foremost thought in your mind.  You do add value to clients! The simple test is that a company is not about to pay a $10,000 fee for something of questionable value!

You provide value by finding a valuable person in a time and cost-effective manner.  You have not just pulled a fast one on a client or applicant.  You have just performed a service that will change a person's life forever! A client needs to find a person quickly, the person has to be above average.  The loss the company is facing from an uncompleted project is most always greater than yearly salaries and recruiting fees!


Source of Clients

Developing Clients

Calling the Client

Preparing for the Client Call

Getting the Interview (Making the Client Call)

Taking the Position