The applicant call

Now you are completely prepared to make a call because you are armed with what to say and how to say it.  Let's think for a moment on what you want to accomplish with the call.  Remember you are spending hours and days making calls, leaving messages, looking for leads and talking to fellow recruiters and you finally, finally get a potential applicant on the phone who is going to give you a few minutes of his/her time.

This is the 'super bowl,' 'crunch time' all your work has led to these few precious moments!  If you actually counted the minutes a day that were spent talking 'cold' to an applicant about interviewing with a client, it would be less than 2% of your time.  So this 2% time is extremely valuable, and you don't want to waste a second with fumbled, poorly thought out questions.  Or worse yet, not getting maximum information and painting the best possible image of yourself.

Your primary objective is to get the person to agree to a date and time to interview with your client.  If you can't get the interview, go for a resume.  If you can't get a resume, go for a referral (you should go for referrals even if you get an interview or resume).  If you can't get a resume, get information!

      What are they working on now?

      Address and phone numbers?

      How long have they been there?

      Expecting a raise or promotion?  When?

      Current salary?

      Where did they work before? For who?



In the initial attempt to contact an applicant, ask for the person by full name.  Don't leave a message in the first two attempts, but find out, if you can, when it would be a good time to call.  Leave a message only as a last resort.