The Applicant

An applicant is any professional (college degree) who is qualified to fill positions that you recruit for.  These applicants can come from any part of the world and from any career or company.  Some general characteristics of an applicant are: minimum 2 years in a skilled position using the skills required by our client; college educated; stable position history (an average of two years with each company); and in the top 10% of his peer group in terms of overall quality, image and professionalism.  For the most part, clients will not pay fees for people that do not measure up to the above.  Why should they? They or their Personnel department can find the average run-of-the-mill types for no fees by running ads or from walk-ins.

Okay, where do you find these high rollers? You find them through the internet, ads, referrals, existing files and lists (telephone, membership, and subscription lists).  Wait a sec here!  Didn't I just say that ads attract marginal people?  Yes I did.  But the ad is just the start for us because our process is one of nurturing and cultivation until the fruit is ready to be plucked.  One step in cultivating is planting seeds and then weeding out the undesirables until finally you have the creme de la creme.  Ads are also used to establish name recognition and identity with clients and applicants when you call on them.  They may have seen your ads and the recognition helps break down that 'stranger' objection and establish a degree of trust.


Source of Applicants

Developing Applicants

Preparing for an Applicant Call

The Single Bullet Spiel

Interviewing in the Office

Preparing the Applicant for an Interview

Debriefing an Applicant