Source of Clients

How do you learn who potential clients are? Searching the internet, reviewing the classified ads, referrals from applicants and other clients, existing information in the Gopher database and cold calling from purchased lists, telephone directories, vendor directories for specific products.

Trade papers and magazines are also an excellent source.  For example, advertisers in UNIX REVIEW, COMPUTERWORLD, UNIX JOURNAL, etc., are all potential clients.

The classified ads are a special case, since these are qualified leads where you know there is an opening.  They give you an excellent feel for the market and are a source of new companies, changes in known companies and maybe a new hiring authority.  Begin by combing through the paper.  Identify the ads that meet your current project, a particular candidate.  Sunday night, cut out the ads you have identified and mount them in a note book, dating the page.  Select the candidate who is best qualified for the ads.  Start calling the ads using the cold call techniques described in 'Calling the Client' but with the added knowledge that you know exactly what they are looking for!

And last but not least the Internet.  The Internet will change forever how companies look for people.  Start using the Internet today and make use of the ‘Job Boards’, 'Sniffers', 'Robots', 'Agents' and search engines to find and communicate with companies who are looking for the kind of people you can provide.