Snap Shot Person

The information that may be added in the snap shot for a person is as follows:

      Person Talking Points:  The Person Talking points  field is a memo field and represents a word processor.  You may add special notes and comments about the person, changing the font type, size and color to highlight certain points.

      Who Reports to Who:  The Who Reports to Who shows all people in the Gopher database that have the exact same company name as the person whose snapshot you are viewing.

      Work History:  The Work History section applies to applicants only.  Work History is a place to extract experience information from an applicant's resume in order to view it more readily.  When resumes are imported into Gopher the Work History section will be filled in for you automatically.

Note:  To toggle between the Person Talking Points and the Who reports to Who view, go to Show in the top toolbar and choose the view you want.





Who Reports to Who