FolderViewShow Folder View

To display in list format the names in folders 1 and 2 on the various tabs, click Options on the Gopher menu bar and select Show Folder View.  The “Folder View” pane opens which may be resized and positioned anywhere on your screen.  The “Folder View” will remain on your screen until you close it. 


The “Folder View” displays the results of your Finds on the various tabs in List format, and will appear similar to the screen shot shown here.  The number displayed with the lists tells you how many names are in that particular folder.  If there is not a number displayed, the folder is currently empty.  Clicking the plus sign to the left of the folder number or simply clicking on “List One” or “List Two” will open the list and display the names.  To collapse the list of names, click the minus sign. 


You may re-sort the list of names by RIGHT clicking on the “Sort by …” heading for each of the tabs.  A menu will open which contains your various sort options.  Select the sort option and the names will re-sort accordingly.  Clicking on a name will display that name on the selected tab.    


Example: In the screen shot pictured to the right, we see that there are currently 16 names on my Planner (the Planner tab is the only tab containing just one folder), 59 names in folder one on the Profile tab, 1 name in folder two on the Resume tab, 6 names in folder one on the Position tab and 2 names in folder 2 on the Tracking tab.  To view the 59 names in List One on the Profile tab, click the plus sign.  The names are sorted in date order, with most recent records listed first.  If you would like to re-sort the names to list in order by last name, RIGHT click on the heading “Profile – Sort by ‘most recent’” and select Sort and Last Name.  The names will then be displayed in alphabetical order by last name.


ApplicantIcon Names shown with this icon are Applicants.

ClientIcon Names shown with this icon are Clients.