Setting User Options (User Options tab)

The User Options tab in Gopher Options is used to select certain options available to each user. 


The options that are available on the ‘User Options’ tab are user specific.  That means the options may change according to the user selected on the bottom of the tab.  To view or modify the options for each user, use the arrow keys on the bottom of the tab to scroll through the user names. 

Resume Importing:  Gopher uses resume Parsing when importing resumes into the system.  Parsing is the process of breaking a resume into it’s component parts to populate the profile record for the applicant. to import resumes into the system. This should remain checked, and Cycle in Minutes should be 0.

Location of WSDL:  The WSDL address used in the processing of resumes by Gopher will automatically display here and should not be changed unless you are requested to do so by a BlackDog Recruiting Software representative.

Use log on name:  When emailing or printing letters from Gopher, the name that appears in the signature will be the owner of the applicant or client.  For example, if Annie Oakley is the recruiter who added the client Bill Gates to the database, the owner of Bill’s record is Annie.  If the recruiter Jim Black prints a letter to Bill Gates, Annie’s name will appear in the signature. 

If you would prefer to have the person currently logged on to Gopher who initiates the correspondence to be named in the signature, check ‘Use log on name’.

%?%Gopher Email:  Gopher is integrated with Outlook for emailing directly from Gopher.  If you do not use Outlook for email, you should either switch to Outlook or use Gopher Email.  Gopher Email enables you to send emails from Gopher and cannot be used to receive emails.  You will continue to receive emails in the email application currently being used.

If you would like to use Gopher Email to send emails directly from Gopher, check the Gopher Email box.

Outlook Email:  If you use Outlook for your email, check the Outlook Email box.  If you use another email application and would prefer not to switch to Outlook, you will use Gopher Email.

Delete or change notes:  If the person selected should be given the ability to delete or change notes in Gopher, check the Delete Notes box.  By default, no one has access to this feature in Gopher, unless specifically turned on by the administrator.

%?%Parser Format Markers:  ResumeBreaker is not integrated with Gopher and should not be selected as an option.

Note:  Gopher should be closed when making changes in Gopher Options.