Select Bookmarks to Save as a New List

You have the ability to select multiple names that are on a list and save them to a new list or add them to another existing list.  To do this, select the names you wish to copy by clicking in the purple box in the first column of Bookmarks (to the left of the Type column).  A red dot in the purple box signifies that the row is selected, and the row will be highlighted in white.  You may use the Ctrl or Shift keys to select multiple rows.  Once you have selected the name(s), click Bookmark Row Options on the menu bar and click Save selected bookmarks as.  A pop up will appear asking for the list name to copy the selected names to.  You may type the name of an already existing list, or create a new list by typing in a unique name. 


Note:  The selected names will not be moved, but instead copied to the new list.