Scheduling the first interview

1) Select the Tracking tab.

2) Find the applicable tracking record.

3) Click the ChangeButton button.

4) Click in the ‘Last name of interviewer box’ and select the name of the person who the applicant will be interviewing with.  The drop down list that appears contains the last names of clients at the company in the ‘Company Resume Sent To’ box.

5) Type the time of the interview in the Time box.  Time should be entered in standard format (i.e. if the interview is at 3:00 pm type 3:00 pm in the Time box).

6) Type the date in the in the Interview Date box or select the date on the calendar that appears.  The date should be entered in mm/dd/yy format.

7) Click the DoItButton button to save the interview.

When the tracking record is saved you will notice that the Interview # will automatically fill in with a 1.