Saving a Find List

Each ‘find list’ generated will have a generic group name of ‘Group1’ and hot list name of ‘HotList1’.  To save as a hot list the query that produced the find list, the group name and hot list name must be changed. 

To save the hot list under an existing group, double click in the ‘Group1’ box and select the group from the group listing.  Click outside of the group listing in order to clear the list from the screen. 

To save the hot list to a new group, replace ‘Group1’ with the description of the new group.

To view the existing hot list names under the group selected, double click in the ‘HotList1’ box.  If the new hot list is saved with an existing hot list name, the new hot list will replace the previous one.

To save the query as a new hot list, replace ‘HotList1’ with the description of the new hot list.

Prior to closing the find list, click File on the Find List menu bar and click Save.          

Note:  The query will not be saved as a hot list if the group name remains ‘Group1’ and the hot list name remains ‘HotList1’, even if the Save box is clicked.

Note:  The records in the ‘find list’ are not actually saved when a hot list is saved.  The query syntax that produced the results of the ‘find list’ is saved.   For example, the Find button is clicked and a search is performed to find all active clients.  The ‘find list’ button is then clicked in order to display, in list format, the active clients found.  The query is saved with a group name and hot list name.  When that hot list name is later selected from the Hot Lists menu, a new find of active clients will be performed.  The results of the find will not necessarily match the results from the previous find; new clients will have been added and the status of others might have changed.

The primary benefit of saving a hot list is that it minimizes mouse clicks and keystrokes on frequently performed searches.  The hot list is selected from the Hot Lists menu and the results immediately appear in a ‘find list’.

Note:  All groups and hot lists are local to the PC on which they are created.  A group and hot list on one PC is not available to other PC’s using Gopher unless it is created again on the other PC’s.  However, go4export.mdb holds all of the groups in the Groups (Prj) table.  If this table is imported to go4export.mdb on another PC, then the groups on both PC’s will be the same.


Opening a saved hot list

Deleting a saved hot list

Describing the hot list