ReportButton When a Find has been performed on the Planner, Resume, Memo, Position and Tracking tabs, the Report button is available to click in order to view or print a report showing the results of the Find. 

To view or print a report showing the results of a Find performed on the Note Pad, RIGHT click the Print button. 

Upon clicking the ReportButton button, a preview of the report will appear.  To print the report, click the printer icon on the print preview screen. 

Example:  To print a report showing all candidates who interviewed at Microsoft, you would click the Tracking tab, click the Find button, type Microsoft* in the ‘Company Resume Sent To’ box, type * in the ‘Last Name of Interviewer’ box and click the Do It button.  Then, click the Report button.

Note:  If the Report button is clicked from the Profile tab, the only record that will appear on the report is the current record that is visible on the Profile tab.

Note:  If not all the records in the query list are needed for the report, you can move to the first record needed prior to clicking the Report button.