Repeat Find

DittoButton To repeat a Find on any of the six tabs, click the Repeat button.  To repeat a Find on the Note Pad, RIGHT click the Repeat button.  This will automatically put you in the Find state on the selected tab (or Note Pad) with the criteria that was entered in the previous find filled in the applicable boxes.  This enables you to further refine your search by adding additional criteria or modifying the criteria currently there.  Once you have made your changes, click the Do It button, DoItButton, to execute the new query.

Example:  You have just performed a Find on the Profile tab for Applicants in the state of California that are Software Engineers.  That gave you too many records and you would like to narrow the search further by adding the skill ‘JAVA’.  From the Profile tab, you will click the DittoButton button.  This will automatically put you in the Add state with ‘A’ selected in the ‘A/C’ box, ‘CA’ in the ‘State’ box and ‘SWE’ in the Job Code box.  All that is necessary for you to do is type ‘*JAVA*’ in the Keywords box or select JAVA from your keywords table.  Then, click DoItButton.