Referrals come from applicants, clients and associates.  Referrals are your single most valuable source for clients and applicants because you come to the applicant or client pre-approved by someone they know and trust.  There are many professionals who do not accept recruiters from any other method.

Building your referral basis takes time because you have to do a good position for someone before they can refer you to someone else with the enthusiasm and confidence it takes to win the new referral’s trust. Referrals

      are easier to close

      have fewer objections

      have a stronger sense of loyalty

      stay with you longer as client or applicant

      have a higher sense of trust

To build a strong referral network you cannot be a cave dweller. You have to be active in the community you are trying to serve.  Join at least three groups of networking organizations.  Here is an example of the types of organizations you should be thinking about joining for your referral network:

      Business Network International



      National Association of Female Entrepreneurs

      National Association of Temporary and Staffing Services

      National Association of Computer Business Consultants

      National Association of Personnel Consultants

      Associations joined by the industry you serve.  For example, if your field is 'Waste Engineers,'  find their trade organizations and become an active member and contribute.

There are plenty of books written on building networks; find one and read it.  One I have found to be particularly noteworthy for content is 'The World’s Best Known Marketing Secret' by Ivan R. Misner.