Recording a Placement

When an applicant is offered a position and accepts it, follow these steps to record the placement on the tracking record:

1) Select the Tracking tab.

2) Find the applicable tracking record.

3) Click the ChangeButton button.

4) Type the date the applicant accepted the position in the Accepted box.

5) Type the date the applicant will start in the Start Date box.

6) Type the applicant’s title in the Title box.

7) Type the salary in the Salary box.  If the applicant is getting paid an hourly rate, click the check box next to Salary and enter the rate in the Rate box.

8) You may also complete the Commission, Due Date and Paid Date boxes as necessary.

9) Click the DoItButton button to save the placement information.

Once the tracking record is saved, the Position will automatically be marked as Closed (Stat = ‘C’ on Position record) and the Applicant will automatically be marked as Placed (Stat = ‘P’ on Profile record).