Record Count Icons Described

The icons representing the various record counts are described below:

RCCalendar Calendar entries

RCProfile Profiles, this will always be 1 unless the person is in your Gopher as both an Applicant and Client

RCResume Resumes

RCMemo Memos

RCPositions Positions

RCTracking Tracking records

RCCompanySnapShot Company Snap Shot

RCPersonSnapShot Person Snap Shot

RCLinks Linked files

RCPriorPositions Prior positions held

RCTargets Target list entries

When one of the above buttons are clicked, Gopher performs a Find for the applicable records and displays them.  For example, if RCMemo is clicked, Gopher will perform a Find for the person’s name on the Memo tab and will display the results.  The results will always go into List 2.  This works the same way as a RIGHT click to any tab.