Printing a Fax Cover

To print an individual fax cover sheet:

1.  Select the Profile tab.

2.  Find the name of the person whom the fax cover will be addressed to.

3.  Click the Print button, PrinterButton.

4.  Click the OK button on the ‘Printing or Posting Information’ dialog box.

5.  On the ‘Printing Information’ dialog box, click the box next to ‘Fax Cover’ and click OK.

6.  On the ‘Fax Cover Information’ dialog box, type the message to appear on the fax cover sheet in the ‘Regarding’ box and click the OK button.

Note:  The template that is used for the fax cover is called and can be found in your Go4...\WordTemplates folder.  The appearance of the fax cover sheet can be modified by opening MS Word and opening the template.