Preparing for applicant objections

Now that you know exactly what you want to say when you get a potential applicant on the phone, you want to be prepared for how they will respond.  Then, of course, if you can predict how the applicant will respond you will be ready with your response to his or her response and everything will be wonderful!  Here are the responses:

1.  “Sounds good, I’m interested.”

2.  “I don’t deal with/like headhunters.”

3.  “I am happy with my position.”

4.  “I just started here.”

5.  “Can’t talk” and won’t provide home number

6.  “I plan to stay until retirement/project completion” or “I need the training/medical coverage.”

7.  “Not interested” without a reason.

8.  “Not interested” because of salary, location, company or type of work.