Preparing for an Applicant Call

The applicant call we are talking about here is to someone who you do not know is looking or interested in a new position or someone you already have and know is looking for new opportunities but not necessarily this one.

Preparation for the call involves studying the position, preparing a script, preparing for objections and identifying people to call.


Studying the position

Preparing a script

Preparing for applicant objections

Applicant, "Sounds good, I'm interested"

Applicant, "I don't deal with/like headhunters"

Applicant, "I am happy with my position"

Applicant, "I just started here"

Applicant, "Can't talk" and won't provide home number

Applicant, "I plan to stay till retirement/project completion" or "I need the training/medical coverage"

Applicant, "Not interested" without a reason

Applicant, "Not interested" because of salary, location, company or type of work

Calling techniques

Opening remarks to an applicant

The applicant call

Asking for the referral

Getting information from the interested applicant