Preparing a script

Prepare a script describing what you want to say about the applicant.  The script should contain no more than three sentences that cover all the key words that would cause the hiring source to stop and take notice.  For example, 'excellent career history', 'good college', specific skill such as 'JAVA' or 'ACCESS'.  In constructing your script, you should be aware of certain positive phrases and words that work better than others.

      is extremely AGGRESSIVE.

      possesses a great deal of ENERGY towards his/her work.

      has a DYNAMIC personality.

      is very RESOURCEFUL.

      past employer spoke very highly of his/her HONESTY & INTEGRITY.

      work is SCRUPULOUS.

      describes his/her past experience in very FRANK & SINCERE terms.

      is very ABOVE BOARD when he/she talks.

      answers questions in a very STRAIGHT FORWARD manner.

      is very CONSCIENTIOUS about his/her work.

      answers questions CANDIDLY & DIRECTLY.

      is a very DEPENDABLE, DOWN-TO-EARTH person.

      has a very COMPREHENSIVE understanding of (specific skill).

      is very RATIONAL & ARTICULATE.

      is very PERCEPTIVE.

      has a very STABLE career history.