Power Calling

After you have mastered the techniques of adding, power adding and Planner management you are ready for power calling.

1)  Click the Planner tab if you are on another tab.

2)  Click the Task (‘T’) caption of the grid in order to sort actions by type of Task and group all your calls together.

3)  Select the first call by clicking the button on the left of the desired row.

4)  Review the notes that show automatically for the selected name on the Note Pad below the Planner.

5)  If the phone button is not on, click PhoneButton on the bottom left of the Gopher screen to view the phone numbers.

6)  Make the call.

7)  With the RIGHT mouse button, click AddButton and type a note highlighting the conversation.

8)  Click DoItButton in order to save the note.

9)  Make sure the call that was just completed is selected on the grid, and click DeleteButton and click DoItButton

Note:  If you prefer marking the items as completed as opposed to deleting them, refer to “Marking Planner actions as completed”.