Planner Tasks

The Planner Task describes the type of activity (subject) of the Planner item.  Clicking the down arrow in the Task box will drop down the following list box:

CalendarTasks After you select a Planner subject from the list a picture representing that subject will appear on the list.  The subject list definitions are:

Bill - A reminder to send someone an invoice.

Call - A reminder to call someone.

Card - A reminder to send someone a card (Birthday, Anniversary, Congratulations, etc.)

Look - A note, usually from another recruiter, to look at a particular applicant or position.

Meet - A reminder to meet with someone.

Pay - A reminder to pay someone.  Notice how the ‘Bill’ picture (money coming in) is a small single bill and the ‘Pay’ picture (money going out) is a large bag of money.  This seems to be a true to life representation of the two.

Send - A reminder to send someone a letter or resume via fax, email or snailmail.

To Do - A general reminder to do something.  This is a catch all for things that just do not fit in any of the other subjects named above.

Note:  By putting your name in the name columns you can give yourself a to do list that is unrelated to the Gopher database.  For example, if you want to remember to go to the dry cleaner’s tomorrow, just add a Planner activity for tomorrow’s date, select ‘To Do’ from the subject list and put your name in the name columns.