Planner roll forward feature

Before the Gopher Planner was designed the Planner features of the most popular contact management systems were reviewed.  The best features were incorporated into Gopher and an additional feature was added which these systems were lacking.  The Status field on the grid represents this feature which is the ability to ‘roll forward’ those activities that were not completed on the date they were scheduled.  For example, you do not get to something you planned for today and you need to reschedule that item for the next day or another day.  With Gopher’s Planner the activity(s) that are not completed automatically roll forward to the next day.  The Status field tells you how many days any particular item has been rolled forward.  If the Planner is for the current day of ‘My Plan for …’, this field will show a green zero (00).  If the Planner item was for September 1st and you clicked September 15th on the Planner, this field will show 14 (15-1=14).