Planner  Refresh / Add Planner Items

CalendarButton The Planner  button provides quick access to the user's planner  of open items based on the current date.  The best way to use Gopher is with constant interaction with the system itself and other users via Planner  records.  Some types of Planner  uses are

      Planning for  yourself for calls to be made.

      Planning for other Users on new positions and applicants.

      Planning Gopher to perform a task.

      Gopher Planning  reminders to Users.

The Planner  button can be clicked whenever one of the other buttons is not in a down state

A LEFT click of CalendarButton will refresh Gopher and bring you to the current date on the Planner tab.  It will provide you with a list of all open items for the current date and older including any that were added for you by other users.

A RIGHT click of CalendarButton will enable you to add planner entries for the person on the selected tab.