Phone Number verification

If periods (.) are found in a phone number field, Gopher will assume that the phone number is an international number.  If periods (.) are not found in a phone number field, the phone number will be assumed to be a U.S. or Canadian number.  When Do It is clicked to save the profile record, a check is performed on all phone numbers without periods in order to verify that the number has ten digits.  If ten digits have been entered, dashes will be automatically inserted if you did not type them.  If too few or too many digits were typed, the phone number field will be highlighted red when Do It is clicked.  You must correct the number before the record is saved.

Note:  If a phone number is highlighted red because it is incorrect, the AddButton button must be clicked before you are able to correct the number.  Do not click the Change button.  When you are finished correcting the phone number, click DoItButton in order to save the profile record.