Parse Resumes for New Keywords

LoadButton The Load button is enabled only when the Resume tab is selected and the ‘Total Records’ on the bottom of the Gopher screen shows a number greater than 0.  Clicking this button will parse all the resumes in the list for keywords per the keyword dictionary established in Gopher Options.  Keywords found on the resume that are not in the Skills box on the applicant’s Profile are added.  This button is used to refresh the Skills on the Profile records when the keyword dictionary has changed since the resume was imported.

To parse resumes in your Gopher database for new keywords that were added to the keywords table in Gopher Options, and save those new keywords when found to the applicants’ profile records, follow these steps:

1.  Click the Resume tab.

2.  Find the resume(s) that you wish to parse.  To find all resumes, after clicking the Find button, type * in the First Name box and click the Do It button.

3.  While on record 1, click LoadButton.  You will see Gopher working on the resumes.  When the process is complete, a message will appear in the status box informing you of the number of new keywords that have been added applicants’ profiles.