PlannerTab  The first tab, Planner, is a complete day timer and the first screen you see when open Gopher, immediately showing you all the activities you have planned for the current day.  These activities are to the right of the calendar on the grid labeled ‘My Plan for …’. 

You can move to any row on ‘My Plan for …’ by clicking the row with the LEFT mouse or by using the arrows on the status line.  Once selecting a row, the notes for the person named on that row are displayed on the Note Pad on the bottom of the screen.  Upon selection of a row, you may also drag and drop it on one of the other tabs or RIGHT click one of the other tabs to view the information for that person in the selected tab.  As stated previously, the Note Pad is persistent and always automatically displays below for the selected person.


Planner uses

Why use the Gopher Planner instead of another Day Planner?